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Thermal And A Quarter

TAAQBack - Thermal And A Quarter
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TAAQBack is a journal for all things Thermal And A Quarter. We also intend this to be an open forum for the band to discuss issues of relevance to us, to the music community, and the rest of the whole wide world. We also like this to be a place where people can respond to us, discuss issues and contribute ideas and opinions.

TAAQback is a forum for the huge (and growing) community of TAAQies -- that's what the band calls its fans, but they don't know it.

We do not intend this to be a boring place. So help us keep it that way.

So, here's a bit of history:

Thermal And A Quarter, a rock band based out of Bangalore, India, was formed by an act of creation -- we prefer to call it mutual coincidence -- in 1996. We'd love to go on, but the rest of these tiresome biographical details are available on the band's website at www.thermalandaquarter.com

Thermal And A Quarter, TAAQ to the impatient, is continually inspired by the likes of Dave Matthews Band, Pink Floyd, Sting, James Taylor, Yes, etc, etc but not The Rolling Stones or any of the boy bands. While we respect music and musicians and have no quarrel with people making an honest living out of it, we have strong feelings. And they show up in our music.

The band believes in doing it for itself and going its own, which means we often rub a lot of people the wrong way.

Which is a good thing, we believe. So you won't find us

a) playing covers. Which also means you won't catch us screaming 'the next song is by Metallica!' and playing Deep Purple. When we do play covers -- at our discretion -- we 'Thermalize' them: we give them our signature treatment. Audiences usually love it. And we love audiences that do. Vicious circle, innit?

b) primping up our shows with busty models in mirrorwork thongs and things. A TAAQ show is about the music. Our music.

c) yelling obscenities to rouse crowds, giving George Dubya Bush the finger and saying 'f*** the world!' We grew up too soon for all that.

So far, we have released two albums on our own label, without relying on external agencies for recording, production, marketing and publicity. We have had to make an allowance in the department of distribution, as our CDs are available at some music stores. But that, we feel, is only fair.

Our CD Jupiter Cafe is on sale at http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/thermalaquarter

Our album Plan B is available for complimentary digital download on BitTorrent at http://www.thermalandaquarter.com/PlanBTorrent.html

To join ThermalAndAQuarterly, our once-in-a-way, no-spam mailing list, please send an email to ThermalAndAQuarterly-subscribe@yahoogroups.com
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