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I had a question which I have been meaning to ask for quiet some time.After going through your album over and over,I have developed my own review of your music, if I can dare to say that.

But that'll be posted later.

For now : Why do the vocals sound so much like Eddie Vedder/Pearl Jam ?
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Thermal And A Quarter on Headlines Today, 9.30 PM India

We're making a live television appearance tonight in India on
Headlines Today. Assuming that nothing else of import happens -- a
terrorist attack, a tree falling on the Parliament building, death of
a politician, etc. -- we should be on at about 9.30 pm. This is a
live interview with Thermal And A Quarter on the national news
segment. Make sure you tune in!

For our fans and well-wishers outside India: Headlines Today is one of
the top 3 television news channels in India. We know you can't catch
us on air, but we should be making news in your part of the world, soon!

So... at 9.30 pm, make sure the remote is in your hands.

One-Hit Wonders

After yet another relaxed Sunday afternoon spent catching up with friends, as I was being dropped off to an auto rickshaw, the MP3 player in the car suddenly kicked into a very familiar intro. In no time, the intro led into a largely recognisable drum pattern and the silky vocals that followed could not be mistaken. We were listening to Would I Lie to You by Charles and Eddie.

Way back in the 1990s, when the Grammy awards had to be watched at 1:30 in the night on DD Metro, and the pinnacle of Hindi pop was still Alisha Chinai, audiences interested in English music were suddenly assaulted with an overdose of music that they understood through MTV. Like a child who has come upon a secret stash of candy, we proceeded to devour everything that appeared on MTV, not bothering to stop and evaluate whether the music was rock, pop, jazz, blues or any other genre.

One such song, which, despite being blatantly pop, had fantastic instrumentation and impeccable vocals, was Would I Lie to You by Charles and Eddie. The perfect song to play to your girlfriend while caught in the throes of disagreement, the probability of reconciliation through this song was also greatly enhanced by the two delicious men in the video singing earnestly into the camera. I think Would I Lie to You actually managed to spend close to 10 weeks at the top of the MTV Asian Top 20 show. Week after week, gorgeous VJ Nonie announced the song at the Number 1 position, and week after week, we all grooved our heads to the drum machine background and snapped our fingers and sang along with the "Oh yeah" that punctuates this song.

Unfortunately, Charles and Eddie disappeared after this maiden effort, never to return to semi stardom. Would I Lie to You has to be one of my most favourite one-hit wonders of all time. Can you remember your favourite one-hit wonder? That song that you sang along to in the privacy of your living room, but vehemently denied knowing to the boys down at the pub? That song that made you snap your fingers, shake your head gently, and go, "Oh yeah"?
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